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We move through time…

In fits and starts.  The hands wind around, the calendar pages turn like they were designed to, but my recognition of the distance from Time A to Time B skips past those.  Suddenly I’m at B, looking around, slightly disoriented.  Huh?

I need to write more.

On a less navel gazing note, school is starting all around me.  

This summer I did a dozen (?) workshops, working with educators all over the state.  Some lovely, passionate minds, burning bright with the desire to learn, and to share what they’ve learned.

Writers write. A writer, serious about the craft, is always writing — whether it is hands on keyboard or brain engaged, eyes observing, manipulating the images and translating them into words to be filed away for when they can get back to the keyboard. That’s the adage from that side of my life that every writer knows to be true, and wants to have be true about themselves.  

Educators LEARN.  A professional educator is always learning. It’s a life-long obsession/addiction/affliction/blessing (pick one, or two 🙂 .)  Even as they are sharing what they’ve learned, or teaching in front of a class, one part of their brain is still in learning mode. You can see it. Their eyes are bright, face forward, engaged.

I have a musician friend who says the same is true of professional musicians.  Maybe that goes to prove that education is an art. Maybe it is a trait shared amongst communicators.  Dunno. Further pondering is advised.  Further learning.